Delivering an Awesome Corporate Culture

At Abarca, we never settle for the status quo. That extends to every aspect of our business, including how we manage our team of nearly 300 Abarcans, and counting. In fact, we don’t even have a human resources department.

Instead, we are bolstered by a Talent Strategy team that ensures our culture and values are carried through our entire organization. These passionate professionals serve as collaborative partners to every Abarcan, and provide the resources and support they need to grow and succeed. These benefits are broken into two categories, and include:

Abarcan Growth:

  • Values Improvement Plans. At Abarca, job performance isn’t the only measure of success, we also recognize an employee’s ability to absorb and live our values. So, our employee evaluations are more inclusive, and look at every aspect of being an Abarcan.
  • Defined Career Path. We want to foster and encourage the professional growth of each of our employees–so we are working to create a clearly defined career path for every position at Abarca. Not only does this give our employees targets to work towards at their current level, but it shows what they can achieve in the long-term.
  • Continued Education. Supported by federal programs, Abarca has provided financial support to employees who are pursuing additional education or certifications to advance them on their career path. Employees have participated in everything from language classes to IT training and Six Sigma, and we are always looking for new educational opportunities for our team.

Abarcan Care:

  • Unlimited PTO. No, really. At Abarca, we believe in a healthy work-life balance, so we give our team the opportunity to define what that means for them.
  • Flexible Workplace. No two Abarcans are the same; that’s why we work with each employee to determine the schedule that works best for them. Moreover, with Abarcans located across the country, we were built to accommodate remote work.
  • Recognition Boards. The newest addition to our corporate headquarters, Abarcan Recognition Boards give employees the opportunity to shine the spotlight on their teammates for their hard work.

However, we’re just getting started. Our Talent Strategy team is continuously seeking employee feedback, creating, and fine-tuning our Abarcan initiatives.

At the end of the day, Abarca is all about people. And we are all in to create an awesome office environment for the people we work with.

This blog was written by Mercibel Gonzalez, VP of Talent Strategy at Abarca.


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