Listen to Jason Borschow’s interview on the PCMA podcast

Jul 14, 2022

Jason Borschow, Abarca’s president and CEO, was invited to be a guest on a recent episode of “The Pharmacy Benefit” a podcast from PCMA.

The episode, “Competition in the PBM Marketplace,” featured a lively conversation between Jason, fellow guest Mike Ellis, CEO of Maxor, and host JC Scott, president, and CEO of PCMA. Among other topics, the participants shared their perspectives on the level of competition in the market, how smaller organizations can distinguish themselves from the Big Three, the evolution of what clients and consumers are looking for, and what the industry will look like in the next ten years.

“We have a lot of respect for our competitors, but I think we have a very different approach from many [of them] which starts with the customer experience,” said Jason. “We’re very focused on creating what we call ‘PBM Happiness’…which [begins by] having a powerfully positive and responsive corporate culture where everybody in the organization creates that feeling of possibility with the entities that we’re working with.”

Jason and Mike also shared their impressions of the other’s organization. 

“When you think of innovation, Abarca is one of the companies [in this space] that comes to mind first and foremost,” Mike remarked.

The full episode is available on the PCMA website, Apple, and Spotify


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