Marking Abarca’s fifteenth anniversary

Remember 2005? Nickelback and The Black Eyed Peas dominated the charts. We had only seen the first four Harry Potter films. Facebook had just been launched, but Twitter and Instagram did not exist. And no one had heard of a viral video.

It was also the year that Abarca was founded. Over the next decade and a half, our CEO, Jason Borschow, told payers they should expect more from their pharmacy benefit manager—better service, more powerful technology, bold clinical innovation, and a partner that would always strive to find a better way.

Since then, we’ve built a company that delivers on these promises. Here are some examples of what we’ve been able to accomplish, together:

  • Building Darwin, an industry-leading PBM technology platform, from the ground up.

And we are continuing to innovate and redefine what it means to be a PBM, a partner, and an employer.

We’re rolling out a new commemorative logo to celebrate everything that the Abarca family has accomplished over the last decade and a half, and our excitement for the future.


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