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Our PBM platform, DarwinTM, was built in-house to be intelligent, flexible, and user-friendly to empower our partners meet their objectives.

Now, claims, network, clinical, financial, compliance, and rebate information are all integrated into a single interface to facilitate a more seamless and personalized healthcare experience.

a smarter pharmacy benefit management platform

As part of its implementation of Darwin, a leading national PBM conducted thorough third-party audits of the platform and our team — testing more than 200 real-world scenarios. Here is a snapshot of what they found:

  • 100% score on benefit builds and edits scenarios
  • 8/8 financial processing scenarios passed
  • Real-time reporting capabilities
  • 100% objectives met for benefits implementation and administration
  • “A more user-friendly system.”

“There is nothing like Darwin in the industry. And we have learned that Darwin is more than an advanced software platform, it is supported by a commitment to a higher standard of service by the entire Abarca team.”

– PerformRx

Anywhere, any device.

This platform is cloud-based, mobile-ready, secure, and permission-based so that information can be accessed in real-time, by the right people, anywhere, on any device.v

End-to-end financials.

Through Darwin, claims, rebates, payments, and invoices are all integrated into the PBM’s general ledger—making the financial cycle fully automated and fast.

Built with Medicare & Medicaid compliance in mind.

By fully integrating clinical tools, in-depth analytics, and member engagement, Darwin was built to help plans achieve regulatory compliance.

Analytics reimagined.

Whether it’s accessing five years of data to understand past trends or predictive analytics to see what lies ahead, Darwin delivers insights that are meaningful and visual.

Clinical suite.

From formulary to medication therapy management, Darwin integrates a rich suite of clinical tools to increase member engagement and adherence.

“Where Darwin shines is its ability to create integrated clinical programs that impact not just how the claim processes at the point of sale, but integrates quantity limits, formulary, and prior authorizations all into one system.”

- PerformRx

“When I saw Darwin for the first time, I was impressed with how new and intuitive it is, and the modules that are available to manage different functionalities.”

- AvMed Health Plans


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