Abarca’s Better Care Community Program: planting a seed for the future of STEM innovation in Puerto Rico

May 27, 2019

San Juan, PR – As part of Abarca’s Better Care Community Program, Ciencia Puerto Rico was chosen as one of four nonprofit organizations to receive grants and volunteer support throughout the next year to aid them in bringing their Seeds of Success initiative to the next level.

The program allows 100 high school girls to explore STEM careers along with “Borinqueñas,” women with distinguished careers in science, technology, math, and health. Through workshops and a scientific divulgation project they must conduct with a mentor, the girls will explore STEM and health disciplines, practice their leadership skills, and further impact another 3,000 girls throughout the island. 

Ciencia Puerto Rico is a non-profit organization composed of scientists, professionals, students, and citizens committed to the advancement of science in PR. Their vision is carried out through the promotion of science communication, education, and scientific careers — their greatest resource being their extensive, diverse, and committed network of members and supporters united by a shared passion and interest in science and its impact on the future. 

The Abarcan BCCP volunteer committee for this beneficiary will be led by Cristina Muñoz, and mentored by Sonymarie Socarras, VP of Strategy to Execution. The core team of Abarcans also includes: Kevin Robles, Aidelissa Gutiérrez, Nayda Rivera, and Juan Mateo. The self-nominated squad will participate in leadership trainings as part of the organizational development program Abarcan Growth. 

Abarca, Jason Borschow, Nayda Rivera, #BetterCare, Dr. Greetchen Díaz-Munoz, Ciencia PR
Abarca’s President & CEO, Jason Borschow, Nayda Rivera, (President of the #BetterCare Community Committee), stand proudly alongside Dr. Greetchen Díaz-Munoz (Director of Ciencia PR), as well as the Abarcan volunteer team.

With an ever increasing number of STEM opportunities and breakthroughs in today’s world, Abarcans recognize that early education is paramount in introducing future generations to the joys of scientific discovery. Through its collaboration with Ciencia PR, they are playing their part in ensuring that Puerto Rico has a pioneering, diverse population of STEM innovators for the future of the island. 

Find out more about Ciencia PR’s initiatives, including their calendar of upcoming events and how to get involved. We hope that their story inspires and encourages you to support the cause.

What’s next? We look forward to witnessing the power of Abarcans at work, putting forth their time and efforts to help find a better way and make healthcare awesome for everyone. 


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