What Abarca delivers for health plans

Apr 12, 2023

At Abarca, we approach business like we approach everything: differently.

We see a future in which healthcare is seamless and personalized, and we are working every day to make it a reality for the people and organizations we serve.

So, what does that mean for health plans?

We deliver savings. Leveraging our claims volume and advanced technology enables us to deliver savings through aggressive guarantees, drug trend management programs, and an innovative specialty pharmacy strategy. And our team of experts continually develops new and better ways to help clients address emerging challenges and trends.

We partner for growth. We are a trusted partner, empowering payers to innovate and compete in an increasingly consolidated marketplace. By offering underwriting, compliance support, and actionable insights using market-leading reporting, we become an extension of your team. We provide best-in-class services a la carte–a virtual PBM approach that gives clients greater flexibility in pharmacy programs and more choices and controls over vendors.

We don’t play games. We believe it is our responsibility to act in the best interests of our clients, no matter the cost to Abarca. So, we leverage pass-through network and rebate designs to ensure payers are only charged the amount we remit to the pharmacy–enabling plans to make more informed decisions and reduce drug prices. Non-contradictory, clearly written contracts are a testament to our no-optics approach.


We’re enabling a broader healthcare revolution–and this is just the beginning.


This blog was written by Jesse Ruzicka, Vice President of Sales at Abarca.


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